Step by Step: Graffiti Look

Step 1:
For a spectacular grafitti effect, color Quikkies with Koleston Perfect special mixes mixed with Pastel Toner Developer from Wella.

Step 2:
For volume on top of the head and compact bangs, attach a Tophair according to the instructions provided by Hairdreams.

Step 3:
Attach individual Quikkies in the crown area.
This is how you make the unique color effect pop.

Step 4:
Cut: Determine the base line and length with point-cut technique – consider the concave cutting line. For optimal transitions use slice-cut.

Step 5:
Styling: Use a flat iron (always use a heat guard).

Step 6:
The final look

Hairdreams VOLUME+ TopHair | Color 00/00
8 Quikkies| Color Flash White, custom graffiti colored | 30cm

Hairdreams Volume+ System
Hairdreams Quikkies System