Hairdreams Training Calendar*

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State Location Training Dates*
Los Angeles Laserbeamer Nano Jun 28-29
    Volume+ Jul 26-27
  San Francisco Laserbeamer Nano Jul 12-13
    Volume+ Aug 2-3
Washington Laserbeamer Nano Jun 14-15
    Volume+ Aug 2-3
Ft. Lauderdale Volume+ May 17-18
    Laserbeamer Nano Jun 14-15
  Orlando Volume+ Sep 20-21
Chicago Laserbeamer Nano Jun 28-29
Massachusetts Boston Laserbeamer Nano Jul 12-13
New York New York City Volume+ Jun 6-7
    Laserbeamer Nano Jul 26-27
North Carolina
Charlotte Laserbeamer Nano Jun 28-29
    Volume+ Jul 12-13
Dallas Laserbeamer Nano Jul 26-27
    Volume+ Aug 9-10
  Houston Laserbeamer Nano May 3-4
    Volume+ Jul 19-20












Laserbeamer Nano - Automatic Hair Extensions System - Fusion
Volume+ - Integrated hair piece for thinning/hair problem clients




*Dates subject to change. Please call for more information.